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Since 1995, The Climbing Place strives to bring a level of climbing experience to help provide people with the skills and confidence to climb outdoors. Our goal is to maintain safety and teach everything, as you would learn for an outdoor adventure. There are no caribiners or rope knots already in any of our ropes; just as your would find it out doors. The main goal of our facility and staff, which should be everyone's goal, is our customer satisfaction. We try our best to provide a laid back family friendly environment and are always happy to help anyone with questions about climbing.

If you have never been to our facility, why not stop by and talk to us. From past person-to-person reviews, we receive nothing but compliments and things like, "I miss the Climbing Place, since I left Bragg I haven't found a gym that compares... A newer gym in PA was decent but I never really spent the time there... I've been to Gyms in PA, NY, MA, and elsewhere, and nowhere has the staff been more helpful, provided beta, or just plane been as cool." -Scott Hazlinsky (FB Fan Page).

Our facility:

The Climbng Place has approx. 18,000 square feet of climbing surface and stores over 40,000 climbing holds so there is never a shortage. We have 60 top rope stations, a massive overhand and a huge bouldering area. The routes set for Top Rope and Bouldering are set by staff only. We believe that utilizing the staff's USCCA route setting certifications while setting, we can provide the climbing community with specific routes, grades and classic feeling moves. The setters are also very happy to hear feedback from a particular route or a suggestion on the next routes so you can look forward to training your weak areas.

We have a nice lead area in the back of the gym and are always putting more lead capabilities in our future projects. Come check us out and ask about our lead routes. Like stated before, we all love the sport of climbing and would love to talk to you about our current routes and future plans. We wouldn't be working here if we didn't have the love for the sport.

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