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The Climbing Performance Institute is proud to say they have acknowledged the new aged technological business advances and are moving to jump on board. With this, we present the electronic waiver program. While always looking for ways to become more eco-friendly, CPI found a great way to do this by eliminating almost all of its waiver paper trail. By switching over to an electronic waiver system, we will save over 40,000 pieces of paper that were once used to house the yearly signing of paper waivers.

Please read the following regarding the new waiver system:

How does the eWaiver system work?

This a good question to know the answer to before you decide you want to come see our magnificent facility and climb on our walls. First off, when needing to fill out our waiver, you will need to access the waiver form either online at your house or come in and fill it out on our customer Netbook (a small network laptop just for filling the waivers out and signing into go climb). After the waiver is filled out and you have read and understood everything on the waiver itself, we will ask you to sign a logbook to authenticate your eWaiver. Each logbook is individually marked with a number that is unique to your signature and can hold up to 20,000 signatures with each book. After that, you will not have to worry about the waiver any longer and can at anytime search and see if you have filled a waiver out, if you are belay certified, when your membership runs out if you have one or how many times you have come to visit us. If you are curious about this search feature please CLICK HERE.

What about people under 18?

Our policy promotes safety. A young climber under 18 is still under legal guardianship of their parent. With this, we do require that a parent or legal guardian come with them on their first trip to the gym and sign the logbook before they climb.

Parents, we understand that some of you are not able to come with their kids all the time and let other friends and families bring them to climb. With the exception of groups coming to the gym, our policy requires that we see the parent face to face to verify they are allowing their child to climb at our facility. This is because with information security, we at the gym need to be able to check the integrity of the signature and authenticate that it is in fact from the parent. As well, this provides you as a parent the opportunity to see how far the staff goes to put safety at the top of our list.

We have a group from a few hours away and not every parent can get to the gym to sign the logbook what do we do?

This is where our eWaiver system lacks a bit of availability. A digital signature sounds like the solution to this problem, however, CPI can only control how this digital signature is done within the confines of the gym itself and cannot rely on the integrity of a digital certificate outside of the facility. Our solution though is to unfortunately not become completely paperless and eco-friendly, but to meet somewhere in the middle. With this, if a group schedules an appointment, it is the group leader's responsibility to download the old paper waiver from the group section of the site and pass this out to every kid's parent. When the group shows up, each kid must have this waiver filled out by their parents or they are unable to climb in the gym. Please group organizers take the responsibility to get the waiver out so the kids can enjoy their visit. With adult groups and PT groups there is no problem though. All adults can sign for themselves so the digital eWaiver will work fine for everyone over 18.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions regarding this system please email us at info @ theclimbingplace dot com or visit the contact section HERE.

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